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Quotes from some of our GUESTS
from our 3 LEADERSHIP Series

"I would like to recommend David Sullivan's TV series entitled "Perspectives of Leadership". 

Leadership in the Body of Christ is misunderstood today by many, because it is the opposite of the world's system which often times seeks to manipulate control and seek its own interests. The Leadership in the Kingdom of God is a refreshing and challenging concept, as expressed by our Lord Jesus Christ who exemplified The Bible's perspective on leadership as stated below: Matthew 20:27-28 "And whoever wants to be first must be your slave. Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many". 

All anointed leaders have a strong desire to serve others and especially those who are in great need. Jesus Christ was and is the greatest example of a true leader as He humbled Himself even to death on the cross because of His great love for mankind, and in obedience to God, The Father. Leaders in the Body of Christ must strive to follow His Leadership Model above all else."             

                Dr. Yonggi Cho - Founder - Yoido Full Gospel Church (The world's largest)

                                  Founder / Director - Church Growth International

"God appoints the spiritual leader at church and performs wonderful works through that leader. I believe the “Principles of Leadership” series will help us to learn how God works through the leaders all over the world today. God is still looking for the prepared spiritual leaders. He looks for the person of the Holy Spirit, the person of prayer, the person of dream and vision, the person of the word of God, the person of love, and the person of humility. I pray that you all become the spiritual leaders whom God can use greatly for His Kingdom."       
     Dr. Young Hoon Lee - Senior Pastor Yoido Full Gospel Church (The world's largest)

"What a wonderful resource "Principles of Leadership" is - distilled wisdom from seasoned practitioners who love the Church and are convinced that servant ministry is the only way to see her fulfil her God-ordained potential."
                                                 Canon J. John

"I live to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is my passion, my goal, my life's work. Having the opportunity to partner with others like Agape: Live! in this kingdom work is a true blessing. I pray my contribution to this powerful film series will be an encouragement to others working on the "frontlines" of ministry."
                                                Dr. Luis Palau - Evangelist

"Facing the challenge? Yes, the last word in the psalms is "Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord"  Psalm 150:6 This is exactly what David Sullivan is doing with his series on leadership: make knowledge and experience from others available to many, so we all, together, can proclaim the Lordship of Jesus more efficiently. Of course I accept that challenge. Press on David."
                                                  Brother Andrew - "God's Smuggler"

"This series of leadership videos can be extremely useful in training up the leaders urgently needed in all aspects of Church life and global mission."
                                            George Verwer - Founder - Operation Mobilisation

"We are living in a day when the need for connection in the Church is vital. We have built big but now we must foster intimacy and relationship within. I believe the "Principles of Leadership" series will strengthen and nurture many."
                                                   Lisa Bevere

"I am grateful for the opportunity, through this DVD series, to share with those who hold strategic positions of Christian leadership. God's people today are living in an increasingly hostile culture, and desperately need authentic leaders who live out the Word they proclaim, standing up and speaking out with the courage of their convictions."
                                                Anne Graham Lotz

"The forward movement of the Church depends on the leadership that God raises up. This series explores what constitutes Godly leadership, and that’s why it is so important."
                                                   Tony Campolo

“The ‘Precepts of Leadership’ is an important resource for everyone involved in Christian ministry around the world. I’m glad to share my story and hope it helps the many people who will use and be inspired by this  series.”         
                                                 Rev. Jim Wallis - CEO - The Sojourners

"The church in the West needs to recognise that she is part of a universal church. This means among other things that relations between the West and the Developing World churches must include partnership involving shared insights, visions and ministry with resources of knowledge, finance and manpower. Participating in the training of Developing World church leaders is one of the most effective ways for the Western church to invest in sister churches around the world and I'm so glad to know that "Principles of Leadership" has caught and is implementing this vision."
                                                  Dr. Stuart Briscoe

“The leaders I admire most are the ones who put themselves at the service of others.  It’s about walking humbly with God. When leadership becomes tyrannical or dictatorial it invariably crushes humanity. David Sullivan’s programmes on leadership are a timely and important reminder of the qualities and characteristics of servant leadership.”     
                                                   Lord David Alton - Member of Parliament - House of Lords

"This series is a brilliant idea and a wonderful way to get the Christian message AND the application of it across to millions throughout the world."
                                                  Fiona Castle

"As a friend of Jesus who is deeply committed to mobilizing others to live abandoned lives, surrendered to God's kingdom, it has been my privilege to be part of this video series. May God use it to equip, inspire, motivate and compel people to follow Jesus and bring God's Kingdom to earth right now."
                                                 Danielle Strickland - Salvation Army - Canada

“The Principles of leadership reflected in the pages of scripture are vital and essential to bringing the Kingdom of God into a broken and sinful world. After all the story of the advance of the Church into the world, recorded in the book of Acts, is really a narrative about leadership and the principles of spiritual engagement. We would do well to learn from them.”
                                                Malcolm Hedding - Former Executive Director  
                                          International Christian Embassy - Jerusalem

As Bible believing Christians we have a responsibility to preach the Gospel and to change the generation in which we live. God is depending on us. He has commanded us to become involved, to do something. We don't all have to be great preachers, but the fact is that we are all  saved to serve. He has called us - we have to make it happen! This "Principles of Leadership" series will equip you to do just that."  
David Hathaway - Eurovision

"Leadership is the process of correctly identifying Jesus and then allowing Him to correctly identify you.  At Caesarea Philippi, Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do you say that I am?”  Simon correctly answered with the revelatory statement, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God!”  Immediately thereafter, Jesus renamed him Peter (a rock) and told him his true identity and destiny in leadership.  This is a pattern for all of us who follow the Master."
                                         Peter Tsukahira - Founder & Leader Kehilat HaCarmel, 
                                         Israel & Board Member - Church Growth International

"Perhaps never before has the world so needed a vibrant, spirit-filled Church that isn’t just teaching and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in word, but actively living it out – demonstrating with love, grace, compassion and humility a radical lifestyle based on God’s values and priorities, that is distinctive, outstanding and that has the capacity to transform individuals, communities and nations in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. I thank God for the "Precepts of Leadership" TV series that he is using to inspire, ignite and equip his Church to authentically demonstrate the nature of Christ and his kingdom, and to change the climate of the societies in which we live. "
                                           Susie Howe - Founder - Bethany Children's Trust

"The future of the church depends largely on the quality of the servant leaders who give themselves up for her. I am glad to be associated with the Precepts of Leadership series, because it is such a vital subject."
                                          Charlie Cleverly - Author & Minister - St. Aldate's, Oxford

"This is a time of unprecedented and fast-moving change in our increasingly globalised international culture. It presents very special challenges to leaders of all stripes - from leaders of national governments, to CEOs and heads of charities and churches. Decisions are being made today, especially in the areas of technology and social policy, that will shape the future of our children and our children's children and may even radically redefine what it means to be a human being. More than ever, leaders need information on how to meet the challenges of the day. The "Principles of Leadership" series is, I believe, an important resource for leaders who want no only to engage the present, but to shape the future in line with higher, Kingdom priorities. I highly recommend this series to you."
                   Mal Fletcher - Director  Next Wave International & Edges TV - London

Dr. Young Hoon Lee

"Brother" Andrew

Dr. Luis Palau

Anne Graham Lotz

George Verwer

Lord David Alton

J. John

Dr. Stuart & Jill Briscoe

Jim & Joy Wallis

David Hathaway

Mal Fletcher