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Danielle Strickland is currently a Corps Officer at a Salvation Army Community Church in Edmonton, Canada. In her early life she was involved in both crime and drugs but found faith in Jesus Christ. She is the author of a number of best selling books on the Christian life and social justice. She is also a popular speaker at large national and international conferences and events. Danielle and her husband Stephen have two sons.

Peter Tsukahira is a Japanese American and Israeli citizen, the son of an American diplomat. He has worked for both NEC and Wang and pastored in Tokyo, Japan. After the Gulf War Peter co-founded the Kehilat HaCarmel Messianic Centre. Peter serves on the board of Dr. Yonggi Cho’s Church Growth International. He is married to Rita and they have two children.

Caleb Waller is one of 12 siblings and the son of Tommy Waller, the subject of the award winning film "A Journey Home". He is also involved with a ministry called HaYovel which assists Israeli farmers in harvesting and pruning their grape crops in Judea and Samaria.

Joy Carroll Wallis grew up in London as a child of an Anglican priest. Joy was one of the first women to be ordained in the Church of England. In fact, she was the inspiration, role model and advisor for the popular British TV comedy series “the Vicar of Dibley” TV series with Dawn French. She has written a book about her experiences called “Beneath the Cassock: The Real Life Vicar of Dibley”. She is married to Jim Wallis, head of The Sojourners and they have two sons.

Jim Wallis is a best selling author, theologian and political activist. He serves as a spiritual adviser to President Barack Obama. Jim is the President and CEO of The Sojourners and frequently speaks at the United Nations. He is married to the Rev. Joy Carroll, one of the first ordained female priests in the Church of England who was the basis for the TV series “The Vicar of Dibley”. They have 2 sons.

Peter Wenz is the senior pastor of BGG Stuttgart, Germany, one of the largest charismatic churches in the German-speaking world, and has an international preaching ministry. He leads a network of churches and organisations in over 20 countries. With his wife, Sabine, he is strongly involved with a social-work organisation in Africa (JAM), which daily feeds and teaches over 400,000 children. His central message is the Love and Goodness of God, and the importance of a consistent, authentic lifestyle.

Marvin Wilson is the Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Gordon College (MA, USA).  Marvin’s book “Our Father Abraham” is in its 25th printing and has been translated into many languages. He was an Old Testament translator and editor for the NIV Bible and is a popular speaker at conferences, synagogues and churches. Dr. Wilson holds a Ph. D from Brandeis University in Semitic and Near Eastern studies. He is married to his wife Polly.

Christy Wimber is a co-Pastor of the Yorba Linda Vineyard Church in California (USA) with her husband Sean. Christy is a renowned expert on the life and teachings of her father-in-law John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard Church Movement and is a popular author and conference speaker.

Clement Wong is the Senior Pastor of the Church of Praise in Ipoh, Malaysia. He graduated from Bible School in Malaysia after being called into the ministry at the age of 16. He is a popular conference speaker worldwide with a passion to see revival. Clement and his wife Mary have 3 children.

Philip Yancey is one of the most popular Christian writers today. He has sold over 14 million of his books worldwide including the popular "What's So Amazing About Grace". He is an eight time winner of the Gold Medallion Book Award and has served as Editor of "Campus" Magazine, "Christianity Today" and as a contributor to "Reader's Digest" and other publications. He is also an avid mountain 
climber and is married to his wife Janet.

Zhao Xiao has been named as “One of the Ten Leaders of our Generation” by China’s "People’s Weekly". He is a Professor and Doctoral-Mentor at the Beijing University of Science and Technology and the former Head of  is the Economic Research Centre. Zhao is one of the most highly respected economists in Asia. His story is one of the most unique accounts to come out of the nation of China.


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