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Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali was the 106th Bishop of Rochester in the Church of England. He was born in Pakistan of Christian parents, his father a convert from Shia, Islam. Michael received his undergraduate degree in Theology from Oxford University, his postgraduate degree from Cambridge University (M Litt) and also studied at Harvard University. From 1986 - 1989 he was the assistant to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Michael is married to his wife Valerie and they have two sons.

Andreas Nielsen found new life in Jesus Christ in the U. S. and had a lucrative recording contract in Nashville, TN. Instead of pursuing this career he came back to his native Sweden and began to serve in church leadership. He and his wife Lina started the Passion Church in Stockholm, now known as Hillsong Stockholm. They have two daughters.

David & Leah Ortiz had their world shattered when an innocent looking Purim package exploded in the hands of their son, Ami. The doctors have described his recovery as “miraculous”. They lead a Messianic congregation in Ariel, Israel and reach out to both Arabs and Jews throughout the land.

Ross Paterson is considered as one of the leading experts on the subject of the church in China. He graduated from Cambridge University with an MA in Theology and founded the Antioch Missions / Chinese Support Ministries in 1986. Ross has authored a number of books. In 1983 he took Derek Prince Ministries into China and serves as their China Director. Ross is married to Christine and they have five grown daughters.

Liu Peng shocked the world by, in China’s communist daily newspaper, stating publicly that China’s House Churches should be legally accepted into society. He is consulted by the Chinese government about religious and social issues and is a Professor at the Institute of American studies in Beijing as well as a non-residential fellow at the Centre for Reasearch on Religion and Urban Civil Society (PA, U.S.A.).

Charles Price has served as the Senior Pastor of the 4,000+ The People’s Church in Toronto, Canada since 2001. Originally from England Charles has served at the Capenwray Missionary Fellowship of Torchbearers (U. K.) and Principal of the Capenwray Bible School. He is the author of 7 books and has both weekly and daily television programmes which are broadcast worldwide. Charles is married to his wife Hilary and they have 3 children.

Dan Schmid is from Switzerland and Pastors ICF Stuttgart in Germany. He and his wife Karon planted the church after being in leadership in ICF's home base in Switzerland. They are both published authors and they have a son and a daughter.

Mattheus van der Steen is the Founder and Director of Touch, Reach and Impact the Nations (TRIN). He has worked as a marine officer aboard a hospital ship and in Kosovo doing missions work. He travels the world equipping leaders and is a regular teacher at Heidi Baker’s Bible School in Mozambique. Mattheus and his wife Rebekah co-ordinate The Call - Holland as well as Revival Alliance Network (reaching church and business leaders) and the Apostolic Revival Center. He has also written a number of books. He and Rebekah have two sons and a daughter.

Doug Stevens has served for 12 years as the Senior Pastor of Hillside Covenant Church (CA - USA) and Interim Pastor at a number of churches. He is a graduate of U of C and Fuller Theological Seminary. He teaches at University level on Church Management and Communication. Doug is the Executive Director of The Leadership Connection. He and his wife Nancy have 3 children.

Mark Stibbe and his twin sister were born to a single parent who placed him in an orphanage in London. He served as the Senior Leader at St. Andrew’s, Chorleywood for 12 years. In 2008 Mark left St. Andrew’s to found The Father’s House Trust whose purpose is to eradicate fatherlessness across the globe. He has published over 30 books and is a popular conference speaker and international leadership consultant. Mark and his wife Alie have four children.


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