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Patrick Dixon has been listed in The Times Newspapers' "Top 20 Most Influential Business Thinkers" and has been classified as one of the world's leading futurists. He is a popular author and founded the AIDS agency ACET. His training videos from his lectures with leading companies have been viewed tens of millions of times. He studied Medical Sciences at King's College, Cambridge and at Charing Cross Hospital, London.

Jentezen Franklin is the Senior Pastor of  Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia. His ministry impacts many through global outreaches and his TV broadcast “Kingdom Connection”. Jentezen is also a popular conference speaker and author. He and his wife Cherise have 5 children.

Stephen Gaukroger trained at Spurgeon’s College (U.K.) and spent a year on staff at First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX (U.S.A.). He also served 12 years as the Senior Pastor of Gold Hill Baptist Church - one of the largest Baptist churches in England.  He is the Founder Director of Clarion Trust International. He has written more than 20 books and is a popular conference speaker and has been a keynote speaker in over 20 countries. He has served as the President of the Baptist Union and is considered one of the most significant leaders of this generation in the U. K. He is married to Janet and they have 3 children.

Kim Goh was previously known as the “Chinese Godfather”, the head of a Triad group in the U. K. In the 1980’s he ended up in prison for 4 years, charged with 500 crimes. While there he found salvation in Jesus Christ which completely changed his life. Kim’s experiences are recounted in the book “Conquering the Dragon”. He is married to his wife Mary.

Virginia (Gigi) Graham is the oldest child and daughter of evangelist Billy Graham and his wife Ruth. Gigi married clinical psychologist Dr. Stephan Tchividjian and has lived in Switzerland, Israel and the USA. Their son Tulian is the Senior Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church (the church previously Pastored by Dr. D. James Kennedy). Stephen passed away in 2010. Gigi has written seven books and is a popular conference speaker in the US and worldwide. Gigi has seven children and eleven grandchildren.

Brian Greenaway is the author of the books “The Monster Within” and “Hell’s Angel”. Both books tell the story of the President of the Hell’s Angels, driven by drugs, crime and violence who ended up in a prison cell crying while reading Nicky Cruz’s autobiography “Run, Baby, Run”. Today as a committed Christian Brian is the prison chaplain of Wandsworth Prison (U. K.) and also assists in counselling in other prisons.

Douglas Gresham is the son of Joy Gresham and the stepson of famed British author CS Lewis ("The Chronicles of Narnia", etc.). His life is described in his book "Lentin Lands". He is also a British-American actor, the co-producer of the "Narnia" film series and a biographer. He is married to his wife Merrie.

Michele Guinness  was brought up in a Jewish home and worked for many years as a broadcaster and presenter for TV and radio. She has authored over 11 books and is a regular contributor to Families First, Woman Alive, Christianity and The Church of England Newspaper. She is a regular speaker at major Christian conferences in the U. K. And Europe. She and her husband Peter, the vicar of St. Mark’s, Gillingham, have a son and a daughter.

Susie Howe grew up as a talented dancer but went into nursing as a career. In the 1980’s she became an expert on the subject of AIDS and soon found herself studying its effects on families and children in 
Zimbawe. She then developed the Pavement Project in the U. K. to reach street children through Gospel tracts. She then returned to Africa to mobilise churches against torture and child abuse. By 1998 her ministry, Bethany Children’s Trust, was supporting 6,000 orphans. They now work in 8 countries.

Keith & Mary Hudson have a well established prophetic and evangelistic ministry whose purpose is to expose spiritual lethargy. Mary has just completed a book on Christian parenting. One of their children is singer Katie Perry who was married to British comedian Russell Brand.


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