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Heidi Baker

Francis Chan

Mark Anderson has church planted and Pastored in a number of nations. In the 1980’s he saw over 1 million people come to faith in Jesus Christ. Today he serves as the President of Call2All, the Global Pastor’s Network, founded by Dr. Bill Bright and works with Youth with a Mission. Mark and his wife Karen have 6 children and 6 grand-children.

Heidi Baker and her husband Rolland ministered in Asia for 12 years before starting a ministry in Mozambique to help the poor and homeless. They serve 5,000 churches in that country and 8,000 worldwide. Heidi and Rolland both have a Ph. D. From King’s College, London. They have founded Iris Ministries. Heidi’s story has been told in the popular film “Mama Heidi”.

Shaun Bao was born as a member of  China’s Royal family (the Qing Dynasty).  At the start of the Revolution his parents were sent to re-education camps. Raised by his grandmother Shaun became a famous film actor, having been noticed by Mao’s wife. He faced a new direction while studying in New Zealand. Today he is a Pastor, church planter and the co-founder of The Harmony & Unity Centre.

Michael Bassett  BC (before Christ) was a professional pornographer, counterfeiter, casino owner and playboy/gigolo. After his conversion founded the Hampstead Bible School with his wife Denise in 1983. He also served in the Pastoral role for 13 years in London. Now reaching out to the church worldwide Michael and Denise are based in Nice, France. He is also a gifted singer and the CEO of The Church on the Web, Faithbook, B-onweb Promotion and Management, the leader of JC & friends. He is also the host of a number of radio and television programmes.

David Cerullo is the Chairman and CEO of Inspiration Ministries which includes the Inspiration Network International and La Familia Cosmovision. Combined they reach a total of more than 150 million households. David has a BA Degree in Business Administration and Management. He is the son of evangelist Morris Cerullo. He and his wife Barabara have two children, evangelist Ben Cerullo and Becky. 

Francis Chan and his wife founded Cornerstone Community Church in CA (U. S. A.) in 1994 and left in April 2010 to pursue an unknown path. He also founded Eternity Bible College and serves on the Board of World Impact and Children’s Hunger Fund. Francis has given away 90% of his income and donated the royalties from his many books to charity. He and his wife Lisa have four daughters and a son.

Kim Sung-Hae Cho is the Chancellor of Hansei University in Seoul, Korea, one of South Korea’s top ranked universities. Hansei was formerly called Sunshin University and before that Full Gospel Theological College. Some say that Dr. Sung Hae is the success behind the world’s largest church as she is the husband of the Founder of Yoido Full Gospel Church, Dr. David Yonggi Cho and the daughter of one of the church’s pioneers. She is also an accomplished pianist, performing worldwide and a popular author and conference speaker. Dr. Kim and her husband Dr. Cho have children.

Charlie Cleverly has served as the Rector of St. Aldates, Oxford, since September 2002. Before that he was pastor of a French-speaking church in inner-city Paris for ten years. He founded ‘Embrace nos Coeurs’ and ‘Intercession France’, international conferences promoting intercession throughout France. Charlie is the author of “The Passion That Shapes Nations”, “The Discipline of Intimacy” and other books. He is married to Anita.

Andy Croft is the Associate Director of Soul Survivor and the Co-Senior Pastor of Soul Survivor Church - Watford. He studied Theology at Cambridge University and is an author and popular conference speaker. He leads  “Called to Lead”, the Soul Survivor course for emerging leaders and is married to praise and worship leader Beth Croft.

Otto de Bruijne is an artist, theologian, author, broadcaster and minister from The Netherlands. In 2006, after complications from surgery, he was in a coma for 51 days. Medical experts said that he would not be able to walk or function ever again. Today Otto travels the world sharing his unique blend of humour, knowledge of Scripture and various writings and art.  He and his wife Renee have five children.


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