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Jonathan Oloyede

Suzette Hattingh

Angus Buchan started out as a cattle and maize farmer in Zambia from a Scottish family. In 1976 he had to sell it all and move to South Africa due to political unrest in the country. The award winning film Faith Like Potatoes was adapted from Angus’ story of his life and conversion. Angus started Shalom Ministries in 1980 to oversee his evangelistic work and ministry. In 1995 he founded He often travels to foreign nations to pray for farmers and crops. He has also founded a farm school and orphanage. Angus is married to Jill and they have 2 daughters and a son.

Dr. David Yonggi Cho is the founder of Youido Full Gospel Church, Seoul, South Korea, the world's largest and South Korea's world famous Prayer Mountain. He was healed at a young age and has overseen the great Korean revival in that nation.

Anita Cleverly has assisted in the leadership at St. Aldates, Oxford since her husband, Charlie, became Rector in 2002. Previously they led a French-speaking church in Paris for 10 years. Anita is the UK / European Director of ASK prayer network. She has also written the book “Destiny’s Children".

Pete Greig is one of the founders of the 24/7 prayer movement and the Director of Prayer for Holy Trinity, Brompton, London. He is also a facilitator for the Campus America initiative. He and his wife Samie and their two children are actively involved in a missional community and training centre called “The Boiler Room”. He is the author of a number of popular books including “God on Mute”.

Suzette Hattingh was, for sixteen years, the head of the Intercession department for Reinhard Bonnke at CfaN. She is now a popular author and ministers at prayer and evangelistic events worldwide.  She is the co-founder of “Voice in the City”, an interdenominational missions organisation which reaches around the globe.

 Dr. Young Hoon Lee is the Senior Pastor of the world's largest church - Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, South Korea which also founded the world's first "Prayer Mountain". He is the successor to the previous Senior Pastor and Founder of the church Dr. Yonggi Cho. He and his wife In-Ja Baik have a daughter.

Jonathan Oloyede was born in England but brought up in Nigeria where he was a Muslim and trained as a medical doctor. He has served as a Pastor of Glory Bible Church (London). He is most known as the key instigator and organiser of the London Global Day of Prayer. He is married to Abbiih and they have two children.

Rick Ridings and his wife Patti moved to Jerusalem in 1999 and established Succat Hallel (The Tabernacle of Praise). In 2004 it moved to its strategic location overlooking Mt. Zion. Since that time it has been a 24/7 prayer centre. In 2006 they opened up a 2nd prayer room in the City of David.



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