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George Verwer

Canon Andrew White

Tass Saada was a trained sniper serving Yasser Arafat for the “liberation of Palestine”. After moving to the U. S. Tass met his wife Karen and found Jesus Christ as His Lord and Saviour. He started the humanitarian organisation Hope for Ishmael and brings a message of hope and reconciliation for the Middle East. He is the author of the autobiographical “Once an Arafat Man”. Tass is married to Karen and they have a son and a daughter who also serve in ministry.

Paul Scanlon is the Pastor of one of Europe’s fastest growing churches, Abundant Life Church, Bradford, England. Affectionately known as “Second Chance Central”. With a purpose to “ Reach the lost, Equip the Saints, Establish the Church and Disciple the Nations” its local outreaches and aid in the community have given the church favour in the community.  In 1999 Pastor Scanlon totally  revamped church philosophy and practice in order to more effectively reach the lost.  

Dennis Sempebwa lived under the regime of Idi Amine in his native Uganda. He formed the Gospel group Limit X and is now the President and Founder of Eagle’s Wings International and the International College of Excellence. He has a Doctorate in pastoral ministry and a Ph.D Degree.  He and his wife Ingrid have three children and live in Chicago, IL (U. S. A.).

Casey Treat is the Founding Pastor of Christian Faith Center in Seattle, WA (U. S. A.), one of the largest churches in the Pacific Northwest. He is a well known Pastor, author and motivational speaker who travels worldwide. Casey is also the founder of Dominion College and Vision International. He is married to Wendy who is the co-founder and co-Pastor of CFC. They have three children - Caleb, Tasha and Micah.

David Sullivan is the Director of Harvest Fields Commissioning International, a leadership training charity, is the Executive Producer of OLI Productions, the CEO of Principles TV and The Principles TV Group. He has interviewed some of the most well know Christian and inspirational leaders, authors, politicians and speakers today for “Principles of Leadership”, “Principles of Praise” and “Principles of Business”. David has written a number of books that are used by leaders worldwide and produces Christian and inspirational films and TV programmes that are viewed by hundreds of millions worldwide.

Joseph Ton was imprisoned many times in the 1970’s in his native Romania for being a Gospel minister. During this time he began to understand a “theology of persecution” and write a book on it. He is the President of the Romanian Missionary Society and has established a Bible Institute, a Christian publishing company and a Gospel radio station.

In the late 1970’s Colin Urquhart was an Anglican vicar in Luton, England. He then established what became known as the Kingdom Faith ministry and churches around the world. His apostolic ministry and radio programmes reach the nations.    He has written over 30 books, used by leaders worldwide.

Pastor Ron van der Spoel is a Pastor / Church planter, a teacher in reformed and evangelical homiletics, author and popular conference speaker based in Holland. He is the founder of “Passion for Preaching” and serves on the Board of  Brother Andrew’s (“God’s Smuggler”) Open Doors ministry and trains leaders for them. He has served as the Pastor of Kruispunt (Crosspoint) Church in Amersfoort. He is married to Annette and has 3 daughters.

George Verwer is the founder and previous International Director of Operation Mobilisation. He has been responsible for training up thousands of Christian leaders worldwide as well as leading evangelism outreaches internationally. His missions began in Mexico in 1957 and have continued without stop, since then. George’s message is of love and balance in the Christian life.

It was in 1968, while leading a small group of Believers, that God called Terry Virgo to begin what became know as New Frontiers. Today it is a worldwide family of over 500 churches in over 40 nations. Terry and his wife, Wendy, are best selling authors and popular conference speakers throughout the world. They have five children and ten grandchildren.

Andrew White served as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Special Envoy to the Middle East. He was the key negotiator in the Bethlehem siege in 2002 and in the riots in Northern Nigeria. He is the minister of two churches in Baghdad, Iraq. Andrew spends his time equally between Iraq, Israel and Palestine. He is currently the President and CEO of the Foundation for Reconciliation in the Middle East.  

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