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Joyce Meyer

Anne Graham Lotz

Anne Graham Lotz is the founder of Angel Ministries, a ministry dedicated to evangelising the lost and reviving the hearts of God’s people. She is the daughter of evangelist Dr. Billy Graham and the sister of Franklin Graham. She is married to Dr. Dan Lotz and lives in North Carolina, U. S. A.

Daniel Matei is the oldest son of a Baptist preacher . He escaped to the West from Romania but returned after the 1989 Revolution there. He is the Founding Apostle of the Agape Church in Timisoara, Romania, with thousands of members. He has been involved in church planting in China, Central America, Africa and Eastern Europe. He is married to Doina.

Lord Brian Mawhinney served as Chairman of the Tory Party (1995-1997) under John Major as well as Secretary of Transport. He also served as the Conservative MP for Cambridgeshire North West in the House of Commons and is a committed Christian unashamedly witnessing of the Lordship of Jesus Christ in the British Houses of Parliament.  

Floyd McClung served as the International Operations Director of Youth with a Mission. He has written many books on missions, evangelism and the Apostolic, including the best-seller Living on the Devil’s Doorstep, which tells of his pioneer work in Amsterdam. Floyd is also a popular conference and leadership speaker. He is married to Sally and they currently live in South Africa.

Joyce Meyer is a best-selling author and teacher of God’s Word with a unique and popular teaching style and outreach. Joyce believes that her calling from God is to “establish believers in God’s Word.” She uses every available tool to accomplish this including TV, radio, conferences and seminars. She has been named one of the top 25 evangelical leaders by Time magazine.

Alan Mortlock is a martial arts expert from the East End of London. Facing a crisis of imprisonment, drugs, alcohol abuse and a failing marriage Alan listened to a friend’s testimony of change in his life and followed his example, giving his life to Jesus Christ. Today Alan feels that he is called as an evangelist to those with similar backgrounds. He is the author of the book “Meeting the Guv’nor”. Alan is married to Laura and they have three sons.

Luis Palau has shared the Good News face-to-face with tens of millions of people throughout the world . He is the author of almost  50 books, and has an international radio broadcast. His “Great music! Good News!” festivals have drawn record crowds. The Palau Association also includes the Next Generation Alliance, which nurtures and supports evangelists around the world, and Palau Fest Productions, which creates outreach films and tools for young people and youth ministries.

Mike Pilavachi is the Founder of Soul Survivor Church and the Soul Survivor Conferences / Festivals. Both the conferences and the church were established in 1993. The church has over 800 members while the attendance at the three Soul Survivor Festivals in the UK runs over 28,000 young people. The Festivals are now held in 6 countries around the world including the U. S. A.

Phil Pringle, with his wife Christine,   is the Pastor and founder of the Christian City Church and Churches worldwide. Although starting and forsaking a career in art for church planting Phil still mixes the two and has also founded a school of creative arts. He has also founded colleges and schools of ministry. He is a prolific author and preachers worldwide in far flung locations. Pastor Pringle and his wife have a daughter and two sons.

Gang members and drug dealers - not your average mission field. Then again, Jackie Pullinger isn’t your average missionary. She first went to Hong Kong in  1966 after following God’s leading. Without the support of any mission board she began to reach out to the needy in that city’s infamous “Walled City”. Through her testimony and autobiographies many young people have received the challenge and entered the field of world missions. In 1988 she was awarded an MBE by the Queen of England.


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