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Ravi Zacharias

Gregory Slayton
is an author, diplomat, philanthropist, businessman and professor and has authored the best selling book "Be a Better Dad Today" along with other works. A graduate of Dartmouth College, magna cum laude, and Harvard Business School with honours, hew was formerly the U. S. Consul General to Bermuda under both President Bush and President Obama. Gregory and his wife Marina have four children.

Larry Stockstill 
is the son of the previous Pastor of Bethany World Prayer Center, the former Senior Pastor AND the father of the present Senior Pastor of the church. The Stockstill family has been renowned for their integrity and spirituality for over 125 years. Larry’s father Roy founded the Center in 1963 and led it for 20 years. Larry led it for the next 28 years. Larry and his wife, Melanie, also served as missionaries in Nigeria and Ghana. Larry and Melanie have six children.

Steve Strang
is the founder of Charisma magazine, an award-winning journalist, entrepreneur, businessman and author. He is founder and president of Charisma Media, which in addition to Charisma, publishes Ministry Today, the Spanish magazine Vida Cristiana and Christian Retailing. His companies also includes Charisma House, Siloam, Creation House, Casa Creación, Realms, and FrontLine, plus many other innovative products that in the last 36 years have earned a reputation as the world's leading charismatic publisher. In 2005 TIME Magazine named him one of the the "Top 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America". Steve is married and he and his wife have a son. 

Bill Wilson
was abandoned as a child by his mother on a public bench. Her promise to return was never fulfilled even after his waiting there for three days. Pastor Bill developed a real heart for suffering children worldwide. In 1980 he founded the Metro Ministries in one of Brooklyn's roughest areas. In 1991 President George Bush, Sr. appointed Bill to serve on the National Commission on America's Urban Families. Today Bill travels extensively globally sharing a message of hope and of God's love for the poor and hurting.

Dr. Harry Yates
is the brother-in-law of singer Johnny Cash and wife of Roseanne Cash, Johnny's sister. He is the Pastor The Cowboy Church - Nashville, TN.

Ravi Zacharias 
has been called the foremost apologetics speakers and writer of this generation. He is a popular speaker and conferences and debates and is the author of a host of best selling books.