Principles TV & HFC International

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Our Network

Do you need some EXCLUSIVE programming for your network?

Tired of the same old, same old?

We can provide your network / station anything from 1 TV series to 21 TV series on subjects from youth to business to sustainable architecture to sport - and everything in between.

We can also produce bespoke and tailor made programmes on location - worldwide - or in the studio.

Here is a selection of what is we have produced / are producing at the moment:

Full 30-60 minute programmes & films series:
* Principles of Leadership (52 programmes)
* Precepts of Leadership (52 programmes)
* Perspectives of Leadership  (52 programmes) - In production 2013-2016
Principles of Praise (52 programmes)
* Principles of Business (52 programmes)
* Principles of (Show) Business - Coming Soon!
* Principles of Competition (Sports personalities)
* FreeAlity TV (For youth)
* Long Journey to Rome (In production)

Mini / filler programmes - 10-30 minutes in length:
* Messages from a Mum (An every day Mum's trials, tribulations and triumphs)
* How Should We Then Build? (Sustainable Architecture)
* The Creative Touch (The creative arts like you've never seen them before)
* The Neiling Gardener (Gardening from a Christian perspective)
* Tapestry (Everyday people doing unusual things in faraway places)
* Revisiting Old Ground (History revisited)

To discuss airing any or all of these series on your TV network or any media project that you might have in mind -                  please e-mail us TODAY!