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About Us


Principles TV provides broadcasting materials and leading TV programme to broadcasters worldwide.

HFC International assist in training up leadership - especially in countries where The Christian Church is either outlawed or thwarted in its mission.

HANDS GLOBAL is our humanitarian arm that assists nations - strategically - in training and encouraging their national leaders and assisting in special feeding projects.

We are currently working with TV and satellite networks, media production companies, churches, ministries, charities, corporate executives and NGOs in more than 50 countries around the globe - putting leadership tools into the hands of those in need of them.

Filming with award winning singer & songwriter Darlene Zschech

Filming an exclusive interview with General Sir Richard Dannatt, Head of the British Army, at the Ministry of Defence,  just before his retirement

Filming with best selling author and Founder of Open Doors "Brother" Andrew at his home in Holland.

Filming with Bishop Sandy Millar at his home in England.


both personal one-on-one mentoring as well as mass media materials to find, train and send leaders into the 7 strategic areas of society: 1) Business 2) The Media 3) Government & Law 4) Education 5) Religion 6) Arts & Entertainment and 7) The Family. We are using personal leadership training events, informal and formal mentoring as well as the latest video, broadcasting, narrowcasting, smart device and web technology to accomplish this. Our target audience is focused on the developing world but our broadcasts and influence can be found across the globe.


only through the generous contributions of supporters from around the globe. 



in this vital work by using the secure PayPal link above, e-mailing us here for further information or by volunteering to accompany us on one of our cutting edge projects.

Through a separate NGO we are also helping to assist churches, ministries, orphanages, NGOs and organisations in countries where it is either "illegal" or extremely difficult to be a Christian Believer. By providing humanitarian assistance, personal encouragement, training, media and printed materials and workers we work together with what is already taking place in these nations as well as providing practical know-how in leadership and assistance. More info here

Active on every continent we are supplying and broadcasting some of the most exclusive and unusual broadcast programming and 

personal training ever created

Producer David Sullivan being interviewed on British TV

                       In Kenya

In Brazil

                                                                             In Bulgaria

                  In Cambodia

                                                In Israel

In Chile

                                                        In Lebanon

In The Philippines 

Our Director, 

David Sullivan, has been featured in the following TV programme: (22:49) 

Our International Director
Rev. David Sullivan

A "Charisma" Magazine podcast interview with our Director here

DAVID SULLIVAN is a published author and holds a BA Degree from Gordon-Barrington College (USA). He has 30 years of experience Pastoring and church planting in the USA and England. During this time his "tent making" work was co-producing and working with various mainstream film and TV productions including two James Bond films and a Barbara Walters - Angelina Jolie special ABC 20/20 TV production in London. 

David has also served as an advisor for a number of internationally recognised ministries and evangelistic events. This also entailed co-ordinatng one of Europe's largest Christian events for 5 years with an attendance of 15,000.

Today he is in much demand to speak at national leadership training events, business events, TED style presentations and conferences on almost every continent. He has preached in over 100 countries and written a number of books and training manuals used by leading international evangelists throughout the world.

David's production work includes producing over 20 major TV series (both Christian and inspirational) watched by an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide on over 40 Christian and independent television networks in dozens of various languages. 

He is probably most famous for his friendships, associations and interviews with household names in Christianity, business, media, TV film, entertainment and fashion. His Christian guests have included Dr. David Yonggi Cho (Founder of the world's largest church), Dr. Young Hoon Lee (Dr. Cho's successor), Joyce Meyer, Dr. Luis Palau, Baroness Caroline Cox, "Brother" Andrew, "Brother" Yun, Daniel Kolenda, George Verwer, Lord George Carey, Lord David Alton, Loren Cunningham, Jentzen Franklin, General Sir Richard Dannett, Floyd McClung, Os Guinness, Tony Compalo, Stuart & Jill Briscoe, Anne Graham Lotz, Dr. Patrick Dixon, Heidi Baker, Nicky Gumbel, Bishop Nazir Ali, Bishop Sandy Millar, Ravi Zacharias and hundreds of other leaders. 

His interviews with praise and worship leaders include Darlene Zschech, Israel Houghton, Tim Hughes, Graham Kendrick, George Hamilton IV, Matt Redman and The Newsboys. Inspirational interviews by David have featured guests such as Jeff Kinney (author of the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" book and TV series), Award winning film producer Lord David Putnam ("Chariots of Fire" and "The Mission"), China's "Oprah Winfrey - Yang Lan, world famous Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei, entrepreneur Levi Roots, inventor Trevor Baylis, composer Peter Buffett (son of 3rd richest man in the world Warren), Academy award winner, actress, singer and composer Marketa Irglova, Anne Wood (creator of The Teletubbies) and others.

Besides all of this work David is likely to be found in North Korea where he helps to feed 25,000 children  a day and checks on the work there, at a refugee camp on the border of Syria, sharing God's Word and love throughout China, mentoring media professionals in Chile, with Pastors at conferences in Cambodia, preaching in Vietnam - or any other far flung corner of the globe that God's Spirit leads him to visit to encourage others.     

David is the author of the book Progress of a Modern Pilgrim published by Malcolm Down Publishing.