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Reaching the MOST CLOSED Nations of the World!

COMING SOON! The Autobiography of our Director

This is what top leaders are already saying about the book:

"It’s a fascinating story, and one that needs to be told.”  Phil Cooke - filmmaker, media consultant and author of 

"Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media."

"David Sullivan is a gracious, thoughtful and inspired media ambassador of faith and film. He has integrity and wit. I commend him.”  Dr. Ted Baehr - Publisher Movieguide (R)

"I hope that many hearts will be touched by this wonderful record of one extraordinary man’s journey with God."  Dr. Young Hoon Lee - Senior Pastor - Yoido Full Gospel Church (world's largest church) and successor to Dr. David Yonggi Cho

Our 2019 Tour to the BIBLE LANDS!!! Info is here.

Watch a video here with testimonials from our previous tours

Preaching in Beirut, Lebanon

REACHING over 1,000 PASTORS in The Philippines    in August 2016!

Interviewing Boxing Champion and Senator 
Manny Pacquiao at his home in Manila

          With former Chilean President Pinera                   With Chilean Miner "The Pastor" Jose Henriquez


When God called us into this particular ministry we felt a message from Him clearly rang in our hearts:

1. Find the LEADERS!



For over a decade we have been bringing that mission into local churches across the globe - 

From Sao Paolo, Brazil to sunny Spain, from Beijing, China to Paris, France.

             Preaching in Ethiopia

            Preaching in Santiago, Chile                      Preaching in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

       Sharing God's Word at a Cyprus-wide event       In 2 areas of N Korea that NO Westerner has ever been

Meeting with Syrian refugees on the Syrian border in their makeshift "home"


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Our Christian based programmes:

Quotes from our Leadership guests here.

Principles of Leadership - In this series we meet with 52 of the top Christian leaders in many different fields and backgrounds. These men and women are "household names" throughout the world and/or influencers impacting their sectors. 

* Precepts of Leadership - Picks up where Principles of Leadership left off. Some of our 52 new guests are second generational leaders in their own right and names that are easily recognisable around the globe. Others are impacting cities, nations and the world.

Perspectives of Leadership - is being filmed worldwide from 2013 through 2017. This 52 part series, once again, features some of the most loved and respected Christian authors, ministers, speakers, governmental and world renowned leaders.

THAT'S 156 of the world's top Christian leaders from every sector of society!
From Dr. Yonggi Cho to Joyce Meyer to "Brother" Yun, "Brother Andrew" to Luis Palau, Jackie Pullinger to Francis Chan - all in exclusive one-on-one interviews filmed "on location" worldwide.

Facing the Challenge - We ask some of our most popular TV guests about particular flashpoint subjects that affect the lives of leaders: setting priorities, handling criticism, handling delicate crises, church growth, reading, etc.


Principles of Praise - In this series we meet the leading singer / songwriters and worship leaders throughout the world in many veins - from opera singer to country Western from soul to traditional and Gospel these men and women are influencing praise and worship worldwide.

* Stars in His Crown - features leading Christian producers, directors, actors, actresses, composers, etc. and examines their career path and story.

Principles of Prayer - features the men and women of God who have led, written about and practiced influential prayer in their lives and ministries.

Into All the World - This series has often been called a "spiritual National Geographic". We not only see the sights and sounds of each city and nation but also meet the leading local and national church and ministry leaders in that part of the world.

Meeting and fellowshipping with friend of our ministry Dr. Young Hoon Lee, Senior Pastor of the world's largest church and successor to Dr. Yonggi Cho.


Enjoy our two "rough cut" channels with hundreds of clips from many of our 

31 TV series here (Our Christian Channel) and here (Our Inspirational Channel).

The 5 times world heavyweight champion of the world - Evander Holyfield

The world's 2nd best selling children's author - Jeff Kinney 
("Diary of a Wimpy Kid")

Our inspirational programmes:

In these series we have a selection of well known people in each of these sectors or subjects with an interspersing of both Christian and other inspirational people from varied backgrounds. These series have proven to be quite popular, especially on "mainstream" TV. 
Read some quotes from our guests here.

Principles of Business - features some of the leading business "names" in the world with a good mixture of those from the West and those from Asia (many from China).

* Principles of Literature - Have you ever wondered what the story is behind some of the classics of literature - or other favourite "reads"? In this delving series we find out "the stories behind the stories" from the authors or their relatives - people in THE KNOW! 

* NextGen & Kin - In this series we meet people with "household name" last names or connections but those who have made their own mark in a similar or completely opposite area - from rock singers to authors to religious leaders these men and women have seen the positives and the negatives of having a familiar name.

* Principles of Competition - In this unique series we get to meet the men and women behind the headlines of sport and competition.
Tapestry = These are the stories of everyday people doing unusual things in faraway places. From the "Faster Pastor" who's hearse is a motorcycle sidecar to a Jewish producer finding humour in Beijing, China. These are stories to "write home about".

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